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Spirituality in Health and Social Care

Spirituality in the context of Health and Social Care can be seen as the need for a ‘deep-seated sense of meaning and purpose in life, together with a sense of belonging.’

There is a growing interest in the way in which spirituality in Health and Social Care and in particular the way in which spirituality influences practice in health and social care. The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) together with NIMHE have sponsored a two year project focussing on this area. Since 1999 there has been a Special Interest Group on Spirituality and Psychiatry within the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

A sense of belonging

Spirituality in the context of Health and Social Care can be seen as the need for a ‘deep-seated sense of meaning and purpose in life, together with a sense of belonging – spirituality is about acceptance, integration and wholeness.’ Royal College of Psychiatrists fact sheet on Spirituality and Mental Health (2006).

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is about much more than traditional religion and religious practice and recognises the deep-seated needs of those who may not believe in God or a higher being. It recognises the concept of universal and deep seated values which may often transcend traditional religious beliefs and practice and focuses on the processes of inner healing as well as traditional ‘cures’.

'Its still ME, Lord' - a film exploring Spirituality and Dementia.

Telos is delighted to have been asked by Caritas Social Action Network to project manage a fim exploring Spirituality and Dementia. The film will be of particular interest to staff in care settings as well as those involved in parish ministry. The film's key message is that in spite of their diminishments people with dementia have a right to have their spiritual needs understood and met. A person-centered approach is key to meeting spiritual needs.The film covers:

  • Personhood, identity and dementia
  • Understanding the effects of dementia
  • Assessing the spiritual and cultural needs of people with dementia
  • Meeting people's needs in care settings
  • Good parish based practice

The film will be released in October 2009. Please use the enquiry form on the contact page to find out about order details.

Ben Bano recently participated in a radio discussion on Spiritualiy and Dementia where he discussed the DVD 'It's still ME, Lord produced for Caritas. You can listen to the podcast on:

Quality Training

Telos Training is committed to quality training in the area of spirituality in care settings. In our experience a real understanding of and commitment to these issues helps to embed a culture of diversity and equal opportunities in a multi-cultural care environment as well as focussing on a holistic approach to practice. Our programmes are geared from awareness raising workshops for Senior Managers as well as Board Members and Councillors to more in-depth workshops in which practitioners can develop their practice in this area in a safe and nurturing environment.

Client Feedback

Some reactions from a recent programme for Mental Health staff and Care Managers delivered by Ben Bano:

  • “A brilliant ground breaking course. I am going away inspired.”
  • “As a psychiatrist, it is important for me to be aware of the links between my clients’ spiritual needs and mental health/disorders.”
  • I deal with life/death issues every day – the course has helped me to develop confidence in addressing spirituality more directly.”

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