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Living Well with Dementia - Specialist Workshops

Living well with dementia requires a value base and practice based on a person centered approach. In these half day workshops we explore specific aspects of dementia and care and support in order to have a better understanding of the way in whch dementia impacts on the experience of all those whose lives are touched by dementia. This linked series of workshops covers three key aspects of care and support - end of life care, post-diagnostic support and questions relating to culture and faith in working with dementia. The workshops will be helpful for staff working in both community and residential settings.

End of life Care in Dementia

In this workshop we  focus on understanding and working with the key issues which present themselves in end of life care in dementia. Using NICE guidance and related policies, topics  which we will cover include:

  • Advance Care Planning
  • Recognising the need for end of life care - signs and symptoms
  • The role of specialist palliative care
  • Using a holistic approach, including good practice in the
  • management of pain, food and nutrition
  • Care Planning for End of Life Care
  • Understanding and working with spiritual needs and cultural requirements
  • 'The Power of Presence'  - communication and presence at the end of life
  • Supporting and working with the feelings of loved ones and family carers
  • 'Talking about the end of life - understanding and working with our feelings

'Its still ME' - post-diagnostic support for people whose lives are touched by dementia

Affirmation of our personhood is essential at a time when we might be at risk of depression following a diagnosis of dementia. We need to feel that we are valued in spite of the progressive deterioration which dementia brings. We need to maintain our cognitive function and our interest in daily living at this critical time through activities and therapeutic interventions  such as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.  In this workshop we explore best practice in providing post  diagnostic support to all those whose lives are touched by dementia, including family carers and loved ones. Topics  covered in this workshop include:

  • Planning for future decision making
  • Supporting and maintaining community connections and interests
  • Supporting carers and loved ones
  • Maintaining wellbeing and resilience through peer support
  • Understanding dementia and learning self-management
  • Cognitive Stimulation and therapeutic interventions following diagnosis
  • Environmental issues, e.g. design changes and assistive technology to promote independence

Dementia - Culture and Faith

In a multi-cultural environment it is important for practitioners to understand faith and cultural issues in relation to dementia - hence the importance of working in a holistic way which respects the diversity in  the client group with which we work. In this workshop we explore cultural perspectives in relation to dementia and the implications for planning and implementing culturally sensitive dementia care and support. Topics to be covered include:

  • Perceptions of dementia in different cultural contexts
  • Supporting families who are caring for parents with dementia
  • Culturally appropriate assessment amd care planning  tools
  • Working with language issues as dementia advances
  • Cultural and religious requirements in community and residential settings

All workshops are interactive, using a range of materials including case studies and   DVD resources.

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