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April 2018:

As we are  now truly into Spring we are  pleased to mark our tenth anniversary with the launch of a new programme aimed at Approved Mental Health Professionals - 'Assessment Practice and Older Age.' This programme builds on our well established programme on Assessment Practice and Dementia through a focus on issues commonly experienced when assessing an older person, in particular depression, suicidal behaviour and liks with physical comorbidities. 

The workshop will provide delegates with a toolkit which will be invaluable in considering further the factors which point to an application under the Mental Health Act  and the potentail for a community based alternative intervention.  For further information contact Ben through the contact form here.

November 2017: We were deighted to run a workshop on Assessment practice and Older People under the Mental Health Act on behalf of the Social Care Strategic Network in September. 35 delegates attended from a number of local authorities including 10 from a local authority in inner London.

Following this event we are now relaunching our workshop on assessment practice and dementia as a half day event with pre and post course reading.  This will enable AMHPs who are hard pressed to to attend this training more easily as well as fitting the reading around their commitments. For further information on the half day programme please click here to contact Ben.

April 2017: Telos Training delivered a wide range of courses  last month including a number on the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards,(DoLS), Safeguarding Adults and Dementia.  We are delighted to have been working with a number of new clients including GPs in Maidstone, London Local Authorities and Ophthalmic specialists.

As many of you will know, the Law Commission issued its final report on proposed changes to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) last month.(March 2017)  The Law Commission has been looking into DoLS since  the House of Lords Select Committee reported in March 2014 that DoLS were unfit for purpose, and also in March 2014, the Supreme Court issued its judgment in the Cheshire West case. This  brought thousands more people within the ambit of needing a Safeguard as they were being deprived of their Liberty  in care homes, hospitals or supported living arrangements, contrary to their right to Liberty under Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

The Law Commission proposes a  new title of  Liberty Protection  Safeguards. This is a more positive title and will hopefully take away some of the fear surrounding the word Deprivation.  If the proposed legislation is passed by Parliament it will result in a number of major changes.

There will be greater emphasis on supported decision making, enabling the individual to make their own decision, as well as a requirement to ensure the wishes and feelings of each person are given due weight and taken into account.  This is in line with the requirement of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The application process will also change, and the granting or withholding of the Safeguard will lie with Local Authorities for social care decisions and the appropriate NHS body for hospital or medical decisions.

There are also changes to the roles of Best Interest Assessors.

There have been a range of reactions to the proposals ,some positive some negative and Telos Training  will wait to see what  the final draft of the Bill proposes and bring you up to date with any changes and with the implications for practice of the new system.

February 2017: As we enter our tenth year I am pleased to report a busy year ahead- earlier last month I delivered lour first day workshop on Learning Disability and Dementia - an issue of growing importance as people with Downs Syndrome are living longer and hence more prone to early onset dementia - in this workshop we explore how we can work with people with people with dementia and their families in a person centered way and adapt our communication techniques as required. And next month I am pleased to be delivering a Masterclass for Birmingham City Council on the social model of dementia and its implications for practice - although the event is for the City Council you will find the details here if you wish to consider a similar event. Meanwhile our MCA and DoLs programme continues apace with much interest being shown by Dental Practices and other providers keen to comply with CQC requirements.

November 2016: It's been a privilege to be asked by Birmingham City Council to facilitate a group for those whose loved ones have dementia and are in residential care. Ben commented: 'We have focussed not just on problems and losses but even more importantly on the ways in which we can journey together as dementia in our loved one advances. Our focus is on validation - the recognition of the achievements and gifts of loved ones which are so important to cherish as dementia advances. In this way we can be true to the maxim 'See ME rather than dementia which underpins all our programmes in dementia care and support. I am looking forward to taking this programme forward in the months to come'.

July 2016: I was reading recently a book written by Professor John Swinton which came out a couple of years ago 'Dementia - in the memory of God.' I was struck by his term 'defectology" to describe the way in which we so often talk about dementia for example 'aphasia' and the use of the prefix 'a' to describe what people can't rather than what they can do. It struck me that we need to change our language if we are to adopt a genuinely person centred approach. That's why we have labelled our programmes 'See ME rather than my dementia'.

A focus on ability rather than deficits also fits well with our growing feeling that the co production approach has much to offer in the world of dementia care and support. To be equal partners in the search for services which are client centred and relevant is an important aspect of dementia care and Ben is currently working on a workshop on the way in which co production can assist our thinking about dementia care and support.

Similarly, following her workshop on co-production and the MCA at the recent conference on innovation and co-production in mental health Liz is planning a workshop session on the importance of using a co-production approach when assessing under the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty safeguards. We look forward to rolling out this workshop at a Central London later in the year.

It's an exciting time for Telos as we develop new programs in response to requests. Our latest programmes on End of Life care, Post Diagnostic Support and Culture and Faith in Dementia are being piloted in Birmingham and you can find details of these by clicking on the icon opposite. Please contact us if you would like our input into your staff development on these very topical themes.

May 2016: Here at Telos we are delighted to be supporting the forthcoming conference of the Social Care Strategic Network on Co-production and Mental Health.

We will be hearing about many Innovations across the UK and health will be contributing workshops on co-production and Dementia as well as co-production in relation to the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

Don't miss this important event you will find details on Eventbrite.

April 2016 - New - Specialist Workshops in Dementia
Living well with dementia requires a value base and practice based on a person centered approach. In these newly developed half day workshops we explore specific aspects of dementia and care and support in order to have a better understanding of the way in which dementia impacts on the experience of all those whose lives are touched by dementia. This linked series of workshops covers three key aspects of care and support:

  • End of life care,
  • Post-diagnostic support
  • Culture and faith in working with dementia.

The workshops will be helpful for staff working in both community and residential settings. You will find details here - to enquire further please click here.

January 2016: We are delighted to start 2016 with our range of programmes which have proved so popular in the last two years. Ben will be focusing on programmes involving dementia and mental health awareness as well as the importance of embedding spirituality into professional practice in London and Birmingham. Liz continues to provide awareness programmes on the MCA and DoLs, particularly important in view of CQC's interest in this issue and the need to ensure that staff are fully aware of their responsibilities. In addition to a number of local authorities, she is currently working with a major Mental Health Trust in London as well as with providers of dental and ophthalmic services. Find out more about how we can help you meet staff training requirements of these important issues through clicking here.

Ben Bano, Jan Mann, Tom Berrie, Janet Berrie
Prof. Paul Gilbert with colleagues at the lecture on 21st May

June 2015: I was delighted as Co-Chair of the National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum to take part in the inaugural Peter Gilbert Memorial Lecture in London on 21st May.

Our theme was compassion based approaches to care, and our speaker, Professor Paul Gilbert, gave and eloquent and moving account of the ways in which compassion based approaches are so important in the care and suppport we provide. This was one of the most successful events for the Forum to date - for further information visit

March 2015: New Telos Programme: Advanced Course in Assessment Practice and Dementia for Approved Mental Health Professionals. Following research to establish our customer requirements and the delivery of a pilot programme, we are pleased to announce our new workshop programme which has been developed following feedback from a number of AMHPs that their workload in relation to dementia seems to be increasing while their knowledge and skills base in this area of work is often limited.

The new workshop programme covers the requirements of the new Mental Health Act Code of Practice which is due to be implemented in April 2015 and the implications of the Care Act 2014, for example the way in which section 117 can be interpreted in relation to dementia. We also cover thresholds for admission as well as the boundaries between the MHA and DoLS in the light of recent legal cases.

With a focus on using person centered approaches, the workshop equips delegates to develop their communication and assessment skills with service users with advancing dementia. Delegates are equipped to provide advice for caregivers on person centered ways to understand and manage challenging behaviour with a view to avoiding admission to hospital wherever possible. Finally we consider the issues raised during the session in relation to culturally competent assessment and care. For further information on how Telos can work with you in developing the skills of AMHPs in this important area, please click here.

January 2015: It's good to look back to a successful year in 2014. We are making plans for 2015 to introduce new programmes in a number of key areas - including advanced communication skills in dementia and update sessions on the Mental Capacity Act and DoLs to reflect developments last year. Carer Assessment in line with the Care Act 2014 is also a feature of our new programme. Do take a look at how Telos can help you meet some key staff development requirements. And a happy new year to all !

October 2014: Ben Bano writes: I am sometimes asked about the meaning of the word 'Telos'. It is in fact the Greek word for 'fulfillment' or 'accomplishment' and it underpins our company values that our endeavours in providing person-centered services must always be about valuing someone's personhood and the potential that they have to thrive as a human being rather than having live with a particular label such as dementia or depression. It's this philosophy which reminds us of the need to focus on the 'whole person' in all our training programmes.

Later this month I will be making a poster presentation at the forthcoming conference in Glasgow of Alzheimers Europe on the importance of seeing a person with dementia from a 'mind, body and soul' perspective. It is through this kind of perspective that we can develop and implement a genuinely person centered approach in our care and support for vuilnerable people.

July 2014: Calling Dental Practitioners and Dental Practice Staff...

Recent CQC inspections and reports have indicated the importance of awareness of the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act for dentists when assessing the capacity to consent to treatment of your patients in line with the five principles of the Mental Capacity Act below:

  1. Every adult has the right to make healthcare decisions and must be deemed able to do so unless a formal assessment indicates otherwise
  2. People must be supported to make a decision before anyone concludes they lack the capacity to make a decision for themselves
  3. People have the right to make what others might regard as an unwise choice and cannot be treated as lacking capacity for that reason alone
  4. If a patient is shown to lack mental capacity, anything done for them must be done in their best interests
  5. Anything done for, or on behalf of, people without the capacity to consent should be least restrictive of their basic rights and freedoms.

Telos Training has considerable experience in designing and delivering training for dental practices to meet the requirements of the MCA - for example a three hour awareness workshop for your practice can be delivered in the late afternoon/early evening to cause minimal disruption to patient care. Click here to enquire further about how we can help you meet these important legal requirements.

June 2014: Integrating Safeguarding and Mental Capacity Act Practice: A recent Serious Case Review indicates the importance of integrating safeguarding and assessment of capacity at every stage of working with complex cases of neglect and abuse. The case of A2 in Birmingham shows how where a client has complex and multiple health and social care needs, it is essential to assess their capacity where they are refusing to engage with services which could prevent further deterioration in their condition. Telos MCA and DoLs programmes are designed to focus on these issues in the context of a holistic approach to risk management - click here for further details.

March 2014: 'Crossing the River'. This month sees the publication of the new book 'Crossing the River - the contribution of spirituality to humanity and its future', edited by Arthur Hawes with Ben Bano. Crossing the River honours the incredible contribution that Peter Gilbert made to the world of spirituality.

The book captures his life’s work and ideas to encourage others to continue, develop and research the role of spirituality in the 21st century. The 16 chapters in this handbook are written by those who personally knew and worked with Peter. Covering key areas of spirituality in health and social care this book aims to reveal the role of spirituality and the way it uncovers a dimension that challenges, humanises and values human life and experience, which was the aim of Peter’s work.

Ben commented: 'It has been a real privilege to take part in the editing of this new book which not only honours Peter's memory but provides opportunities for all of us to take forward on how we can reflect on the importance of spirituality in so many areas of human endeavour. You can find order details on:

February 2014: We are building on the busy and stimulating year in 2013 to develop an even wider range of programmes. Our successful programme on Assessment Practice and Dementia for Approved Mental Health Professionals will be developed further to meet the training needs of AMHPs in what is often a challenging area. We are also developing our programme in Spirituality and Professional Practice which was so well received in 1013.

End of Life Care is a particular focus at the moment as the guidelines are in the process of change. There is a recognition of the need to focus on dignity and a person-centered approach. Understanding and meeting spiritual needs is a key component of end of life care and we will be working with several local authorities as well as third sector agencies in providing training on this important issue.

Finally we are developing our range of training on the MCA and DOLs in response to a number of requests. In addition to basic awareness workshops we are also focusing our training on compliance with the MCA and DOLs in the light of recent caselaw and legal judgements. These workshops are of interest to a range of professional groups and we have been involved in training dental staff, physiotherapists, as well as staff from Clinical Commissioning Groups who have had new responsibilities since April last year.

Do give us a call on 07887 651117 to discuss how we can help you meet your traiining needs in a fast moving regulatory climate or click here to enquire further.

Peter Gilbert

December 2013: Ben Bano writes: It was with deep sadness that we learnt of the death of Professor Peter Gilbert on 12th December 2013. Peter had been battling with a debilitating illness for some time and we all admired his courage in the face of adversity,

Peter was Emeritus Professor of Social Work and Spirituality at Staffordshire University, and Visiting Professor with the University of Worcester. Peter had a long career in social work and was Director of Social Services for Worcestershire County Council. Peter was the NIMHE Project Lead on Spirituality from its inception to 31st March, 2008, and worked to the National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum. From 2008 to 2010 he was Chair of the National Development Team for Inclusion and Visiting Professor at the Birmingham and Solihull Foundation NHS Trust, leading their Spirituality research programme. A former Director of Social Services for Worcestershire, Peter was a registered Social Worker with 13 years of direct practice. Between 2003 and 2006 he was NIMHE/SCIE Fellow in Social Care with Professor Nick Gould. In recent months Peter received several honours to mark his unique contribution to health and social care as well as interfaith relations.

Peter constantly strove to bring the 'human' dimension into health and social care. His work on the importance of spirituality in all of us inspired the creation of Telos Training and the 'Welcome Me as I am' Project and he was always a source of wisdom and good advice. We are grateful that we will be able to honour Peter and his work in a forthcoming book, 'Crossing the River', the title of which Peter himself has chosen. May he rest in peace.

October 2013: Ben Bano writes: 'You may have read Daniel O'Leary's recent article on spirituality and dementia in 'The Tablet'. To find out more about our work in this area click here.

Professor Christopher McCrudden, Professor Daniel Sulmasy, Ben Bano, Professor David Albert Jones, Dr Jan Deckers, Dr Sylvie deKermadec
Ben Bano and colleagues from Rethink

I was pleased to be able to facilitate a workshop recently on behalf of Rethink for members of Faith Communities in the Maidstone and Medway areas. We discussed the ways in which Churches and Faith Communities can be inclusive and welcoming for people in mental distress and it was heartening to learn of the many initiatives being taken in the area, for example in having members of Churches available to be available as supporters and listeners. We also discussed the role of Churches as part of a network of services and resources available locally as well as the ways in which we can use the recovery model in mental health with its focus on hope and rebuilding lives.

Spirituality and End of Life Care

June 2013: Ben Bano writes: The new book 'Spirituality and End of Life Care' will be appearing next month in July. I have contributed a chapter on spiritual accompaniment in end of life dementia care. The book has been edited by Professor Peter Gilbert who has himself been suffering with Motor Neurone Disease. We are grateful to Peter for completing this task in spite of the challenges he has been facing. The book is published by Pavilion Publications.

May 2013: Ben Bano writes: How the year has flown by - and I am glad to say in spite of the often wintery conditions we had in the first few months only one course had to be postponed. And in 2013 we are spreading our wings to new topics to meet evolving training requirements.

Mental Capacity Act: Our programmes on the Mental Capacity Act have expanded to the London Borough of Camden as well as to East Kent where we have been working with physiotherapists in meeting their core training needs in the operation of the MCA. In addition to our work with staff we are also in a position to provide briefing sessions for Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities in relation to their responsibilities following the new NHS management structure from 1st April.

Person-Centered Assessment for People with Dementia and their Carers: Our programmes in Person-Centered Dementia Care for Approved Mental Health Professionals are expanding to Hertfordshire and Birmingham this year - these workshops provide an opportunity for AMHPs to refine their assessment and intervention skills in the light of best practice in dementia care.

'Good Care or Good Control' - a workshop for Best Interest Assessors working with people with advancing dementia': Over the last year we have also piloted a workshop for Best Interest Assessors in undertaking their assessment role in relation to best practice in assessment and care planning of people with advancing dementia - a key issue particularly in the light of recent decisions of the Court of Protection. Click here or ring Ben on 07887 651117 if you would like more information about these programmes.

'There's no health without mental health': This mental health awareness programme provides a background to important mental health issues - including how to work with someone experiencing mental distress as well as tips on keeping mentally healthy. In addition to working with faith communities through our sister company 'Welcome Me as I Am', we will be working with groups in the voluntary sector involved in this important area.

January 2013: Ben Bano writes: A 90 year old lady suffering from Alzheimers Disease is nearing the end of her life and has become unconscious. A young care assistant wants to communicate with her even at this stage of her illness. She finds on her iPad a video clip with the hymn 'Abide with Me' and connects her device to the TV screen. The lady's eyelids flicker as she hears the familiar music. I first heard this story at the National Dementia Congress in Brighton two months ago, and it sums up for me all the good things that are happening in person-centered dementia care. Here at Telos Training we are excited to be playing our part in promoting positive and person-centered approaches to care through the range of programmes we will be offering in throughout 2013 – see the details of this website for more details.

Alongside our dementia related programmes we will be offering more mental health awareness programmes, including a much needed focus on the mental health of older age – a challenge for all of us given the degree of social isolation and depression in older age.

We are also expanding our programmes on the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards for 2013 – in addition to awareness workshops on the MCA and DOLs we are offering legal and best practice updates for experienced practitioners. Contact us here for further details in how we can help you meet the 'must-dos' of this important area of legislation.

August 2012: Telos launches a 'Training the Trainers' Programme for the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Following a number of requests from managers in Health and Social Care Services, Telos is launching a new 'Training the Trainers' Programme for senior staff. The programme includes a workshop for those involved in the training, a resource pack with information and case studies, and support in taking the learning forward. The programme will be delivered by Liz Sheehy, our MCA and DOLS Lead Training Consultant. The programme will be delivered through a number of regional workshops as well as in participants own workplaces.

Ben Bano said: 'There is an increasing focus on the need to understand the requirements of the MCA and DOLS at all levels of the organisation in the care sector. This programme offers a cost-effective and timely way in which these requirements can be met' To find out more please click here or ring Ben on 07887 651117.

Professor Christopher McCrudden, Professor Daniel Sulmasy, Ben Bano, Professor David Albert Jones, Dr Jan Deckers, Dr Sylvie deKermadec
Speakers at the Conference - From left to right: Professor Christopher McCrudden, Professor Daniel Sulmasy, Ben Bano, Professor David Albert Jones, Dr Jan Deckers, Dr Sylvie deKermadec

June 2012: Ben Bano took part in a conference on dignity in health care on 18th June at Blackfriars, Oxford, sponsored by the Anscombe Institute of Bioethics and Blackfriars Hall. Ben spoke on the ways which we can promote dignity and personhood with people with advancing dementia. After the conference Ben said: 'For those of us involved in health and social care of people with advancing dementia we need to be aware of different concepts of dignity in relation to health and social care. Those of us involved in care and support of people with dementia can benefit greatly from a bioethical perspective on these issues. For a copy of Ben's paper, click here. Further information on the Anscombe Centre can be found on

Ben Bano with colleagues from the Alzheimers Society in Northern Ireland at the event
Ben Bano with Amanda Waring and colleagues at the Liverpool masterclass.

April 2012: 'End of Life Care - No Regrets !' Ben Bano recently facilitated a workshop on meeting spiritual needs at the end of life at the masterclass organised by Nugent Care in Liverpool. The keynote speaker, Amanda Waring, actress, campaigner and writer, spoke movingly about her experiences with her mother, the well known actress Dorothy Tutin and of her efforts to improve dignity and quality of care at the end of life. After the masterclass Ben said: 'Spiritual accompaniment in end of life care is crucial to a person centered approach.. In our workshop we explored how we can understand what gives hope and meaning for those we care for as well as their loved ones with a particular focus on end of life care in dementia.' If you would like a copy of Ben's presentation slides, please click the enquiry form here.

March 2012: Telos begins new Action Learning Set on leadership skills with specialist social workers in South West London. Telos has started a new Action Learning Set for specialist social workers in St Georges and South West London Mental Health Trust. After the first session, Ben Bano, who is facilitating the learning set, said: 'Specialist Social Workers in Mental Health Trusts have a distinctive contrbution to make in areas such as services for people with eating disorders as well as mentallly disordered offenders. Specialist social workers are in an ideal situation to use their social work skills and knowledge to contribute in a holistic way to bettter outcomes for service users and families alike. This Action Learning Set provides an opportunity for specialist workers to reflect on and develop their leadership skills on making a real difference to these services'.

Ben Bano with colleagues from the Alzheimers Society in Northern Ireland at the event
Kate Dawson at the MHFA course.

October 2011: Mental Health First Aid - The first Mental Health First Aid programme organised by Telos and facilitated by Kate Dawson took place in London. This programme is ideal for those in pastoral and other situations in understanding the needs of people in mental distress and signposting them where needed to appropriate services.

  • Some of the feedback received:
  • 'Kate was brilliant, enthusiastic and experienced'
  • 'Very good, informative and energetic'

A further MHFA programme is planned in the Manchester area on 15th and 16th May 2012. If you are interested please click here to enquire further.

Ben Bano with colleagues from the Alzheimers Society in Northern Ireland at the event
Ben Bano with colleagues from the Alzheimers Society in Northern Ireland at the event.

June 2011: Ben Bano was delighted to be able to provide input to the celebration day 'Glancing back - looking forward' organised by the Alzheimers Society in Northern Ireland where he facilitated two workshops for volunteers and staff on the theme of dementia and spirituality. After the event Ben said: 'There is considerable interest in the issue of meeting the spiritual needs of people with dementia and I am pleased that so many volunteers see this aspect of dementia support as essential to their work. I look forward to further collaboration in sharing good practice in this area.'

May 2011: Mental Health First Aid Telos is pleased to offer the nationally accredited Mental Health First Aid Programme this Autumn, which consists of two linked days covering 12 hours input on how to provide immediate support for people suffering from a range of mental health problems. The course will be of particular interest to those involved in pastoral care in parish communities and will be facilitated by Kate Dawson, our Training Consultant for MHFA. Click here for further details of the MHFA programme.

February 2011: Telos launches a new programme on risk enablement in working with people with dementia. Describing the new programme, Ben Bano said: “Person-centered care for people with dementia needs to be underpinned by a positive approach to risk. This new programme is based on the recent DH guidance ‘Nothing Ventured, nothing gained’ as well as on the Nuffield recommendations on working with people with dementia published in 2009. It will be of interest to a range of practitioners, including Approved Mental Health Professionals, Best Interests Assessors, and Independent Mental Health Practitioners.”

December 2010: New Church based Mental Health training programme
Telos is delighted to have been awarded a grant from the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales to provide training on Mental Health issues to parishes and deaneries in the course of the next 18 months. Ben Bano said: This grant shows the commitment of the Church in the important role that Church Communities can play in welcoming and including people with mental health problems. As a result of this programme people will be more aware of ways in which mental health issues can be addressed in a positive and constructive way.

October 2010: Understanding and meeting spiritual needs of people with dementia
Telos has been commissioned by the Dementia Services Development Centre of Canterbury Christchurch University to contribute a section on spirituality to a trainers pack to deliver a dementia awareness programme from 2011. Ben Bano said: 'Understanding and meeting spiritual needs is a vital component of person-centered dementia care. I am pleased that assessment of spiritual needs and spiritual care will feature in what is an innovative training initiative'.

'Its still ME, Lord' - Further wokshops on this theme were delivered in Bridgend and Wakefield, attracting over 100 people to the two sessions. The DVD which Ben produced can still be ordered through

September 2010: Ben Bano delivered the first session in the series of workshops on person-centered crisis intervention for people with dementia and their carers. The feedback from the workshop included:

  • 'Really helpful training and good trainer'
  • The ABC - Antecedents - Behaviour - Consequences approach was really helpful
  • I will use the learning from this course in assessments and reviews

August 2010: Enhancing our leadership skills as Approved Mental Health Practitioners
Our effectiveness as AMHPs can be measured as much by leadership as by professional practice skills. This new workshop, facilitated by Ben Bano, considers practice as AMHPs through the perspective of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Using the EI toolkit developed by Daniel Goleman, participants are encouraged to reflect through their practice on the leadership skills they bring to the Mental Health Act assessment process. Click here to enquire further about this workshop which can be offered either as part of the AMHP training programme or as a refresher session.

July 2010: Praise from Archbishop for 'Its still ME Lord'
The DVD 'Its still ME, Lord' on meeting the spritual needs of people with dementia, produced by Ben Bano, continues to attract interest, including service providers as far afield as the USA and Australia. At the recent 'Faith in Health' Conference, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, said: 'One of the reasons this DVD is so striking is that it shows how addressing the spiritual needs of older people can help to restore the dignity of which they can so often feel robbed by pain, helplessness, loneliness and suffering. There are many ways of responding to such experiences, but among them prayer is the most important...there is an especially memorable scene in the film which demonstrates this well. It is of an elderly lady in the advanced stages of dementia, completely unaware and detached from the people and objects arouns her - literally living in a world of her own - who is brought back to life through joining in the words of a hymn familiar to her since childhood.'

30th April 2010: Telos launches a new series of workshops on the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Commenting on the launch, Ben Bano said: ‘Following the success of our recent workshops in West London delivered by our MCA training consultant, Liz Sheehy,  we are pleased to be able to offer a range of training events, including team based training, to provide awareness training as well as more detailed practice based knowledge.’

Ben on far right with participants at the multi-faith symposium
Ben Bano (on right of photo) with participants at the multi-faith symposium.

23rd March 2010: Ben  Bano took part in a multi-faith colloquium at the Nickram Centre, Birmingham which explored various faith perspectives on meeting the spiritual needs of people with dementia. After the event Ben said ‘This was a good  opportunity to discuss a number of faith perspectives in relation to dementia and it made me realise that we have so much in common, not least the need to respect the dignity and personhood of the person with dementia. I hope that this is the start of many such fruitful encounters.

February 2010: Telos launches its new programme on person-centered crisis intervention with people with dementia and their carers. This day workshop is designed to help Approved Mental Health Professionals as well as other p/rofessionals  in their assessment and care planning with people with dementia and their carers. Launching the programme, Ben Bano said: ‘Its so important that people with dementia, even in a time of crisis, are treated with dignity and respect and that their voice is heard. This workshop provides a toolkit for exploring these issues in the context of positive person work.

February 2010: Telos has been commissioned by the Kent and Medway Dementia Education Collaborative to undertake an audit of the training needs of voluntary sector organisations in order to inform the future training strategy for Kent and Medway. If you would like to contribute to this audit, please click here…

February 2010: ‘It's still ME, Lord – Meeting the Spiritual Needs of People with Dementia’. February proved to be a busy month as Ben Bano  facilitated a series of workshops in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester following the launch of the recent DVD. Ben said: ‘It has been a privilege to work with so many committed people in looking at how we can meet the spiritual needs of people with dementia. It was helpful to have such a wide spread of people represented  in these workshops’. Click here to enquire about the Powerpoint Presentation used at the workshops.

January 2010: Telos launches its action learning set for Social Care Managers in Mental Health services. These learning sets, now running in South West London and in Sussex, provide an opportunity for managers to develop leadership skills in a safe and constructive environment with a particular focus on implementing the personalisation agenda.   Each learning set meets for six sessions and participants benefit both themselves and the organisation by undertaking a change and improvement project. Click here to enquire for more details on how the learning set approach can raise motivation and benefit your organisation.

Click here to enquire about these and forthcoming Telos programmes.

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