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Consultancy Services

Telos is now increasingly involved in a range of consultancy services for both small and larger public sector organizations. Projects include support to a local Council in Kent as well as working with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Over the last twelve months Telos has been involved in supporting Mental Health services in the development of self-directed support, with a particular focus on brokerage issues in developing self-directed support and individual budgets. Telos has also facilitated an action learning set for managers and supervisors in Mental Health Services involved in meeting these and related challenges.

A recent focus has been on Mental Health Services for Older People with Mental Health Needs. Commissioners and providers need to respond to the policy framework of ‘Everybody’s Business’. With the new national dementia strategy and earlier reports by the Audit Commission, these services face considerable challenges in meeting the needs of an increasing frail group of service users as well as in developing more preventive services such as Memory Services. In the last year Ben Bano has been working with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust on service redesign and developing current practice and potential improvements to Community Care practice in CMHTs for Older People as well as for specialist day services.

Ben has focused on issues relating to the process and operation of assessment and care planning through a focus on the operation of the CMHTs for Older People and in developing constructive relationships between the NHS and Local Authorities in working together to meet the needs of older people with complex mental health needs. In line with the values of Telos, a key feature of this work is in supporting user empowerment and a person-centered approach to Commissioning and Care Management. Ben is also interested in supporting ‘whole systems’ work through service redesign to provide viable and responsive community based services to avoid unnecessary admission to residential care and nursing care. Contact Ben to find out how your systems and processes can be improved to produce a win-win-win solution for Commissioners, Service Providers and, most importantly, Service Users.

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